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How We Began

JD Scott + Co was founded from a desire to make accounting better. James Scott grew up in Melbourne and started his career helping small + medium businesses with their tax and accounting.

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, he moved to Sydney and worked in various accounting advisory roles, including with BDO and EY. In 2013, deciding he wanted a new challenge, he moved to QBE Insurance, where he held a number of senior group finance roles in financial reporting and treasury.

After leaving QBE, James saw an opportunity to bring high-quality accounting and tax advice to the SME market. He had a vision for a modern firm which focused, above all, on a high-quality output of work with impeccable accuracy. The firm would focus on offering professional accounting services and a high calibre of work to small to mid-sized companies.

In 2020, James launched JD Scott + Co Chartered Accountants. His overarching mission was to help small and medium businesses solve their accounting and tax problems.

From day one, JD Scott + Co was designed to be agile and responsive to client needs and able to tailor its services to meet their requirements.

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JD Scott + Co Today

Today, JD Scott + Co have built a dedicated and professional team. We continue to achieve success by keeping our promises and consistently maintaining our high standards of work.

Our goal is to work in partnership with you, acting as your trusted advisor and helping you to face challenges as they arise. Through these long-term partnerships, we can create tailored solutions to help you meet your goals.

Our Mission

At JD Scott + Co, our mission is to solve your accounting, tax and business problems. We want to work collaboratively with you to help build your business and wealth.

We have cultivated a team of dedicated staff who aren’t bound by the traditional working constraints faced by many small accounting practices, allowing you easier and more efficient communication with our very responsive, qualified team of accountants.

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Our Principles

Quality Is Key

Quality is in everything we do. Our work is always precise and we pride ourselves on our high level of service.

Details Matter

We believe that if the little things are done properly, the big problems become easier to solve. By getting these right, we can ensure that everything else falls into place.

Trust Is Everything

Our clients need to trust us implicitly. We’ll give you the confidence to rely on us to get the job done.

Be Curious

Curiosity leads to a limitless range of possibilities. We are always seeking to understand every detail of your business. This helps us to offer the most relevant advice and the best solutions to help you.

Flexibility Supports Success

As a firm, we are nimble. This allows us to respond quickly to change and problem-solve issues that arise quickly.

Always Efficient

Like a well-oiled machine, we work efficiently and do our job to the best of our ability. Efficient processes mean we can focus on better client outcomes.

Why Choose JD Scott + Co?

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01. Accessible & Responsive

We understand just how frustrating it is to wait for responses, especially when you have important questions, so we pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of accessibility and responsiveness.

02. We Make The Complex Simple

We simplify complex terms and communicate effectively to help you understand. In this way, we can make your tax and accounting as easy as possible.

03. Quality Service & Trusted Advisors

We have a knowledgeable and highly skilled team who understand the importance of getting things right. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of accuracy and delivering results you can trust, offering you peace of mind.

04. 25+ Years Of Experience

Our team has over two decades of experience in accounting and tax. This experience and deep knowledge allow us to provide high-quality advice and assistance.


Listen to what our clients have to say!
We engaged JD Scott & Co to assist us with year end financial reporting. They are a highly professional firm, with deep experience and provided us with quality solutions.
Brenton Charnley
COO, Cover Genius
We retained .1D Scott & Co to assist us in preparing a forecast model for the expansion of our business. They were able to tackle complex problems and succinctly communicate solutions for us.
Ben Mayo
CEO, Express Settlement
Great service, responsive and great advice
Edward Sin
Sine Projects Pty Ltd
l found JD Scott & Co fairly randomly through a Google search, and I'm so happy I did. James has been very responsive, got on top of our overdue stuff very quickly, has been very patient in explaining things to me and proactive in flagging potential areas to investigate for savings or other benefits. Thanks James!
Joanne Jenkins
James assisted us greatly over a difficult year end period. He was able to promptly get on top of the issues and put forward workable solutions, by coupling strong technical skills with practical experience. I will strongly recommend JD Scott & Co. to Finance leaders that need personalised attention from a senior, experienced finance professional as a credible alternative to bigger firms.
Himanshu Kher
CFO, Axi Financial
Great service and support by James and his friendly team across various topics. Worked with them for the past 2 years, highly recommended.
Tony Zabel
Strategy Manager, BeforePay
Great service and support by James and his friendly team across various topics. Worked with them for the past 2 years, highly recommended.
Shoaib Mughal
Founder and Director
JD Scott + Co has been a great help in getting our tax situation sorted.
Nick White
Owner - Since I left you
At Centricity Wealth we started working with James in 2020 needing help with year-end-reporting and to tidy up the tax for our small business. From the start, Jame made sure to understand where we were at with our accounting and to determine what needed to be done to tidy up our tax. Having helped us to get on top of thinks, he continued to support us with practical solutions and advice. Working with James gives us peace of mind that our accounting is taken care of and having someone so experienced in our corner, makes all the difference.
Callie Scheffer
Centricity Wealth
James, Janet, and the entire team at JD Scott + CO have been fantastic. Their expertise and unwavering support has been instrumental in helping take our business to new levels. From understanding our financials to strategic tax planning, they have been invaluable partners.. Their deep industry knowledge and attention to detail have provided us with a comprehensive understanding of our financials. Their insights and guidance helped us to make informed decisions and navigate complex financial matters with confidence. If you're looking for an accounting firm that can help you and your business, we highly recommend the exceptional team at JD Scott + CO. They really do go above and beyond!
Reece Richardson
Director, Excolo Recruitment
I cannot speak more highly of James and his team at JD Scott & Co. The support they have provided me with across my personal and professional finances, small business bookkeeping, cashflow and tax planning has been invaluable. James works with transparency, care and authenticity. I have great peace of mind that I have a dedicated and professional team across all of my financial needs.
Sarah Bolitho
Founder and CEO, Levyl Recruitment
James has been interim CFO of Techstack for the past two years and actively supported the growth of the business. His skills and advice have been invaluable in supporting the business as it grows.
Rohit Bhuta
CEO, Techstacked

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