When I started the firm, I took a very different approach to hiring a workforce than the traditional model. We always wanted to build a firm that encouraged flexibility in where we worked. We also wanted to attract the highest quality staff who would serve our clients well. Given the shortage of accountants in what I call traditional career paths, we had to look elsewhere. So we looked to hiring a part time workforce.

Keys to success for a part time workforce

There are three keys to succeeding with a part time workforce.

We’re fully in the cloud, allowing us to operate from anywhere, anytime.
Process is critical – we use the right tools to manage our workflow
Communication – everyone hates it when they don’t hear back from their accountant. We make sure everyone understands what’s going on and what the expectations are.

Operating with a staff who work three or four days a week is more than possible. It means that you can tap a huge, highly skilled and highly motivated workforce of dedicated professionals. Once you have the systems in place and make full use of the available technologies, you can achieve anything. We were lucky – we set ourselves up on day 1 to manage a part time workforce. If you’re looking to transition, then the journey may be a little harder, but its well worth the effort.

Thanks to David Cristello and Jetpack Workflow of the oppotunity to discuss how we grew our firm. If you’re interested in finding out more about our firm click here or if you’re looking for a rewards career, then please get in contact.

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