Accounting and Tax for the Recruitment Industry

You’re great at finding the best candidates for your clients.
We’re great at helping you build a profitable, sustainable recruitment business.

Being a successful recruiter is about building trust. Trust with your client and trust with the candidates. 

We believe that trust is the bond that holds all successful relationships together. Whether it’s simply returning phone call or something bigger like helping you leave your legacy to the next generation, you can depend on us.

We know client trust doesn’t happen, it must be earned.

We earn your trust by helping you build a successful recruitment business.

No matter how small the question, let us show you how we can start that journey together.

Four things we do to help your recruitment business thrive:

  • Insights to improve your profitability and increase cashflow
  • Specialists in professional services business
  • Advice to minimise tax
  • A sounding board when you need one

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Accounting and Tax for Recruitment firms - advice on starting up

Want great ideas about how to get started? These articles below will help guide you in starting your own recruitment business. Whether its tax for a recruitment firm, or improving cashflow, we have solutions that help your business thrive.

How Mark become successful (with a little help from us)

Our client, Mark, started out as many recruiters do, learing his trade in London before hopping over to Australia for sunlight and a change of scene. After a couple of years pounding the pavement round the CBD, helping his fellow countrymen get a footing in the accounting market in Sydney, Mark decided he’d had enough of big firm politics and decided that he would strike out on his own. 

It was the biggest move of his professional life. 

Mark was also smart enough to know he needed help on the finances. He was a great sales guy, but spreadsheets were not his thing. So he reached out to JD Scott + Co Pty Ltd to help him set up his recruitment business.

How we helped Mark succeed in the recruitment business

  • Got the business structure correct.
  • Set up his Xero accounting software. Good data is critical to success in business and getting Xero set up was the first step
  • Helped Mark formulate a business plan and budget. He needed to know how much he had to spend and where the cash was going to go.
  • Sat with Mark quarterly to track progress on profit and cashflow.
  • And yes, we did his taxes at tax time.

How we help you achieve success

The base to any successful business is getting the basics right.  Accurate bookkeeping, meeting your tax compliance obligations and having the correct structure form the basis of business success.

Next, we build on that success by using your data to identify areas to improve profits and increase cashflow. Whether it’s selling more profitable products, identifying cost leakages or ensuring you get paid on time.

Finally, using our extensive tax knowledge ensures you are properly set up for business success.

We are RECRUITMENT business specialists

If you have a growing business with annual turnover of $250K-20million we can help improve cashflow and profitability